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$48.75 Full Safety Inspection for Furnace and Heater in Katy, TX 77084

$78.75 Don't Sweat Summer

Your cooling system accumulates dust, pollen, germs and dirt. Costing you more money in utility bills. We discovered after reviewing 200 service calls that 47% were due to a problem caused by lack of regular tune-ups and maintenance.

Home Project Finance

Control the Chaos of Remodeling and Repairs

Does it feel like everything is going 100 miles a minute and everything is out of control? Well, there's a program for you to consider.

Home Allergies Air Born Allergens Germs

Get Rid of Dust, Germs and Allergens NOW!

Disinfect the air you breathe by reducing approximately 90% of airborne microorganisms with ActivTek.

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